Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

These days, mascara and false eyelashes are both more popular than ever. Everyone wants to achieve the look of long, thick lashes. Unfortunately, applying false eyelashes and putting on coat after coat of mascara takes a lot of time. Because of that, many people are turning to eyelash extensions. In essence, these are semi-permanent eyelashes that are attached your own lashes using a specialized glue. They look extremely natural and last just over a month before they need to be replaced. Here are some of the pros and cons of eyelash extensions so that you can decide whether or not they are right for you.


* Eyelash extensions eliminate the need to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. If you don’t have to take the time to apply mascara or false eyelashes, you can get ready much more quickly.

* They look extremely natural. Unlike false eyelashes which can sometimes look fake, extensions blend seamlessly with your own lashes. Rather than looking like you have false lashes applied, you just look like you have long, thick eyelashes.

* Extensions are easier on your eyelashes than false lashes. Each time you remove false eyelashes, you run the risk of pulling out your own lashes. Because eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and don’t need to be removed on a daily basis, they are generally less damaging to your own lashes.


* If eyelash extensions are not applied correctly, they can cause permanent damage to your eyelashes. As long as you use a qualified technician, this should not be a problem. However, it is important to thoroughly research the person that is applying them to make sure that they are qualified for the job.

* The extensions themselves are quite delicate. If you treat them too harshly, they will fall off. You may find that you have to pamper your eyes a bit more than you are used to in order to prevent them from coming off.

* When you first leave you eyelash extensions Houston salon, your lashes will look amazing. Over time, however, as more and more of the lashes fall out, you may start to develop an uneven look. Having sparse eyelash extensions is almost worse than not having them at all.

Overall, eyelash extensions can be a great investment. As long as you carefully consider the pros and cons, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they are the right choice for you.