Waxing vs. Other Forms of Hair Removal

There is much concern over hair removal especially for women in the US and worldwide. Like women, many men are also trying to find better ways of eliminating body hair using several techniques, procedures, and products. Removing hair can be done several ways and the difference between these options are the effectiveness of services.

Waxing is a common method of hair removal preferred over other methods mostly due to cost. With waxing hair is removed from the root and takes 3-5 weeks for the hair to star showing up again. With thicker hair, waxing can be more painful and with time it will reduce the hair’s thickness. Certain parts of the body can have thicker hair, so guy’s waxing services are slowly become more popular due to many men not seeing body hair in a positive way. Compared to other methods like chemical depilatories and shaving, waxing is a better option. Below are comparisons of waxing with other common hair removal ways.



women shaving legs with a razor


This is by far the most common especially for those who are on a budget and don’t want to spend much money. Razors trip off the hair but don’t attach the root. Shaving only causes hair to come back more coarse which makes people shave over and over again to achieve their goal. When shaving, body hair has a high growth rate that will only make things worst with time. Naturally, some people have more body hair than other and for people with a lot of hair, this option no a good one. Waxing is a better method than shaving since individuals can be hair free for longer periods of time when compared to shaving. If waxing available in your area we recommend you visit a spa that specializes in sugaring. Doing a quick search online for the term sugaring San Diego or sugaring in your city to give you the best waxing specialist in your area.

Chemical Creams

This method involves the use of lotions and chemicals to eliminate hair. It can be termed as a ‘melting hair method’ because the hair just disappears and falls off. These products are available over the counter at any local store. The chemicals will eliminate hair but they will also react on the individual’s’ skin. Choosing this method will need testing on the skin first to make sure there is no bad reaction on the skin. When compared to waxing, using creams is simply not recommended due to the harsh chemical it uses.

laser hair removal service


Laser’s hair is a method that is not always permanent and the cost is usually much greater than any other form of hair removal. This type of hair removal usually takes several session and many times the pain is too great for some people. This is a new technology compared to the other methods and it could cause damage to your skin too if not done properly. There are many methods under a laser and each has its own advantages and disadvantages when targeting specific places on the body. Licensing of these people differs with each state and individuals seeking this service should ensure the specialist is licensed, insured and has a good reputation. Waxing is, however, simple and cheap has minimal side effects on the skin.

When choosing the best method of hair removal make sure you look a the pros and cons of each procedure. When decided on the method make sure the person who is doing the hair removal has a good reputation with plenty of online reviews. Many women prefer to have less hair especially when they start working more at the gym and try to get their bodies in shape for the summer, self confdience or to attract a mate.